our history

a conversation with owner Steve Litz


"It all started in the seventies, and I enjoyed RIDING anything with a motor..."

the beginning

Back when we were kids, I was able to ride a motorcycle that belonged to my uncle, and I was hooked. My parents, of course, were against it, just because it was a dirt bike, but I got myself a bike and hid it at my buddy's. 

I started racing in 1981 and worked on bikes so that I could afford to compete. I worked at that time for the top pro-level riders in the US- riders like Ron Wirehead Jones, Kerry Jones, Chuck Sun, Lance Smail, Mike Young and more.

Learning from legends

In my upbringing, I always sought after the older fellas who had built racing engines with factory backed efforts. Icons like C.H. Wheat out of Moreno Valley California who has always been a mentor and a father figure, Bruce Ogilvy at American Honda and Ivan Boyeson were my greatest teachers. What those people taught me has been a concrete foundation for my company.

The racing program

At the 1998 Supercross in Tampa, we became the first team to ever put KTM on the podium in the US. Then we backed up a great year in 1999 riding Yamahas. We finished third for the 125 East Coast Supercross. We were the top privateer.

From that point on we've had countless championships in Motocross, Supercross, Cross Country & Supermoto, and in 2008 we won the silver medal at the X Games with Robbie Horton on a Honda. 

This year we're top 20 in GNCC racing with Vance Francis, a young rider out of Kentucky. We're really proud of him. It's a great time.